Thursday, July 26, 2012

The fashionable chef

As part of her developing cooking skills, my daughter has discovered that an apron is a very handy thing to have.  I had no idea she thought  this, until we were in a kitchen store and I found her admiring this cute apron.

Together, we decided that I could make her one.  (Follow that logic?)

The next day I was in the quilt shop to pick up my Saturday Sampler block and it was the perfect time to pick out some apron fabric, except that my daughter was not with me. 

However, I had a good idea of what colors she likes, so I took some pictures of fabrics on the bolt and texted them to her.  My goodnatured friend Linda was with me, and the two of us went all around the shop, picking likely fabrics and getting my daughter's opinions via cell phone.  It was quite comical actually.

Eventually, we decided on these two fabrics:

The idea was to use the floral fabric for the apron, and the turquoise fabric for the trim.  In the end, I used an equal amount of both and made a reversible apron.

I didn't have a pattern, so I started with a basic barbeque style apron that we already had at home and drafted a pattern from that.

Then I put the pattern over both fabrics and cut them out at the same time so the pieces would be the exact same size.

Making the ties was easy enough to figure out, but before I could sew it together, I needed to figure out how to make a pocket.  We did not want the one central pocket like the barbeque apron.  We wanted something a little more cute.

It took a bit of trial and error, but in the end I came up with this:

(I plan on posting a tutorial on how I made the pocket, if anyone is interested.)

To make the adjustable neck tie, I used a pair of D-rings from the fabric store.  I also added a bit of batting inside the neck strap.  (Hey, I'm a quilter first, right?)

Here's the finished apron:

The reverse side looks like this:

Happy Cooking!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilter's Nail Polish

It's what all the cool quilters will be wearing this season.
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Granny needs inspiration

I have finished quilting the interior of my Valentine for Granny quilt.

I'm happy with what I have so far, but am stumped as to how to quilt the outer white border.  Before doing anything, I have to take out all the basting pins and redo the basting in the border.  All the straight line stitching has shifted the center a bit and you can see that the borders no longer lay flat, particularly the one in the top of the photo.

It's a smallish quilt so no big deal really.  Just have to get inspired to do it.

At the risk of losing all my quilting credibility, I'm going to share with you a little tip I have used for the occasional "oops!", where the white quilting thread ended up on the red fabric:

Yup!  It's a Sharpie.  Here is a "before" photo:
and here is the "after":
A few light touches with the red Sharpie on the white threads made the stitches blend in.  This is quite a magnified view I've shared.  Here is an overall view of the same block:

Just keepin' it real here, folks.  Just keepin' it real.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Granny gets basted

The holiday yesterday gave me some leisure time in the afternoon for quilting.  I pulled out the Granny Square quilt top and got it basted.

I decided the best way to show off the pattern was to quilt around each of the squares in the block.  

I found that the best method for stitching in the ditch around each square was to first quilt around the nine-patch in the center, and then quilt the two long rectangles that make up the "X".
I've got 8 out of 12 blocks quilted so far, and then I have to decide how to quilt the rest.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

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