Thursday, July 5, 2012

Granny gets basted

The holiday yesterday gave me some leisure time in the afternoon for quilting.  I pulled out the Granny Square quilt top and got it basted.

I decided the best way to show off the pattern was to quilt around each of the squares in the block.  

I found that the best method for stitching in the ditch around each square was to first quilt around the nine-patch in the center, and then quilt the two long rectangles that make up the "X".
I've got 8 out of 12 blocks quilted so far, and then I have to decide how to quilt the rest.

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  1. I love the plan you picked so you could machine quilt each block. It already looks good and you're not even done! I finally started machine quilting my lil twister quilt. I just couldn't get to it. Finally, a free day!!

  2. Just saw Friday Night Sew In is happening this week!! I'll be sewing!


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