Friday, August 30, 2019

Scrappy Pineapple finish

In my previous post I had gotten this far with 9 Pineapple blocks all made from the scrap string drawer.  I decided on a narrow white sashing, but I liked the idea of colored cornerstones.   I went back to the scraps left from trimming the pineapple blocks and picked out anything that I could get  a 1 1/2" square from.

I felt like such a thrifty queen to be able to come up with 16 cornerstones from the scraps of the scraps.  😌

Next, I got the blocks and  sashing all sewn together:

The final step was to add a border, and that's when I ran into a little dilemma.  I knew that Kaffe Fassett makes lots of jewel tone fabrics that would be perfect for the border, but I didn't have any in my stash,  and so I would have to buy some.  Hmmm...doesn't that sort of negate that fact that this quilt was made entirely from scraps?

It took very little time for me to decide that  Kaffe Fassett fabric was the way to go and so off to the quilt shop I went and found this:

It made the perfect border for my scrappy Pineapple quilt:

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  1. That looks perfect! Just bought his latest book Quilts in the Cotswolds. The fabrics are amazing. Not sure I'll make any of the patterns as the colours are too wild for my house but I do love them.


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