Friday, April 12, 2019

True colors

Color icon cyan.svg

The color that was chosen for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge was AQUA, and it seems that I am not the only participant who has had  a bit of trouble distinguishing between the colors of Aqua, Turquoise and/or Teal.  Or how about Cyan? Lets just go with bluish green and call it a month.  😊

Here are the Birds in the Air blocks I created  for this month:

And here is the crumb block that goes with it:

I get a lot of enjoyment out of choosing the fabrics for each month.  So much so, that I may have accidentally gone ahead and prepared the fabrics for some of the future months.  In fact, I may have also accidentally  decided to prepare both purple and red violet blocks even though there is only one month coming up designated as "purple". 😏

For now, here are the blocks I have completed so far:

It's starting to look like a rainbow!

My second project for the RSC is to applique my hexie blocks to a white background square.  I only had one aqua hexie, so I used this month to catch up on the red ones that would have been done back in February:

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  1. Pretty blocks, whatever the name of the color is ;) Good to be prepared too!

  2. Well done; cutting ahead is the way to stay on top! I love the pretty fabric in your aqua blocks.

  3. Those are so pretty, all laid out together! I really like that block!

  4. I love that you are prepared! I understand completely. I always try to think ahead. I'm never correct, but eventually we will get to purple, or red violet or pink!

  5. Lovely, lovely blocks! Usually the color of the month encompasses the range; so aqua includes teal, green-blue, blue-green, etc. and purple will include the red-purples and blue-purples. It’s done that way so we can hit all the colors every year, leaving a month or two at the end for assembly, quilting and holidays. So pull out all your variations and stitch away! :-)

  6. I love the teal or whatever color it is! So nice to use those scraps!!

  7. Ooh, la la! Such beautiful fabrics.

  8. Oh, prepping ahead is always good! (I've got several Sand Castle blocks cut out, just ready and waiting for their color to come up in the RSC.)
    Your Birds are beautiful!


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