Friday, February 5, 2016

Just one ball of yarn

I had one skein of leftover yarn from a previous project.

In an effort to use up what I had, but unable to find any more of that exact color, I picked up some coordinating yarns to use in a new shawl project.

I chose a chevron pattern that I though would really be accentuated by using different colors, and I was very happy with the way it started out:

But wait!  What's that over on the right side of the photo?  All this!

Ugh!  Lots and lots of ends to weave in.

In an effort to retain my sanity, I chose to make the middle portion of the shawl a solid gray, and continue with the chevron pattern again when I reached the other end.  After the knitting was done, it took a couple of nights of TV watching, just to weave in all those extra ends.

I laid the shawl on the bed to get a better photo of the pattern, and stood on a stool to get a nice aerial shot.

As I was looking through the camera lens, the shawl began to move....
Caught in the act 

Thankfully, he only got as far as the doorway before he dropped it.  (My hysterical "Oh No! No! No!" as I jumped down off the stool may or may not have had anything to do with it.)  In any case, my shawl remained unharmed, and my dog is still my loyal companion.

Oh, and that one ball of yarn?  I still have most of the skein left, only now it is joined by a teal skein and a gray one too.  Next?

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  1. Beautiful! And isn't it funny how you seem to end up with MORE when your goal is to use it up??

    1. It's the same with quilt scraps. The more you try to use them up, the more you create!

  2. So glad you rescued your lovely shawl before your doggie could do serious damage!

  3. Shawl looks great! I guess Toby thinks so too!! Yarn/fabric stashes just multiply when you're not looking!!


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