Sunday, February 7, 2016

Styrofoam, scraps, skinny spaces and a snow day...

Being stuck inside on a snow day, it was time to address a problem that has been bothering me for a long time...this:

This is the skinny space between my car's seat, and the front seat storage.  Everything, especially my phone, seems to fall into that space.  See that pen in the above photo?  Guess where it is in the next photo.

When something falls into that space, it is impossible to get it out without getting out of the car and reaching under the seat from the back.  What to do to defeat that annoying, bottomless, Pit of Despair?

I started with some leftover packing styrofoam, and a bit of fabric:

From the fabric, I made a narrow tube, and then boxed the ends:

I turned the tube right sides out, and added a loop at the open end.  As you can see, I made use of the selvage ends to save from having to make a hem.   Nothing fancy here.

Then I wrapped the styrofoam in a remnant of batting, secured it with Scotch tape, and stuffed it into the tube.

Ta Da!

Time to test it out in the car.

The loop goes around the seat belt latch:

And the rest gets stuffed nicely into the skinny space...

Problem solved!  Now just have to make one for the other side.

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  1. Ingenious!
    I love that first photo, you can almost feel the cold coming off the snow.

  2. Cute! They make a bin to go between the seats. I have one in my car. It catches anything that falls down there. It is marketed for letters and paperwork. It is about an inch wide by the length of the seat. Karen

  3. You really thought this through and came up with a great solution!!


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