Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not your Grandma's Ripple

When I was growing up, anyone who knew anyone who crocheted seemed to have a "Ripple Afghan" over the back of their couch.
In my family, it was a pink and blue ripple afghan made by my grandmother.

It seemed almost like a rite of passage in the crochet world to attempt a ripple pattern.  It was even showing up in a few of the Prayer Shawls being crocheted by the women in my Prayer Shawl Ministry.  I particularly liked this one, done by Paula,  using a gray yarn with silver flecks:

I decided to give the ripple pattern a try, and chose this Summer Sonata shawl from the Lion Brand website:

I made mine using a teal colored yarn.  There are only two rows to this pattern, but you have to count carefully to get the peaks and valleys of the ripples to line up.

Here is the finished shawl.  My mother requested a prayer shawl from me to give to a friend who just had back surgery, and this one will be going to her.

Today, I think that the pattern I affectionately refer to as a "ripple", would now be called a "chevron".

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  1. My grandmother always made crocheted ripple afghans. I know exactly what you mean! Your shawl came out so pretty! Gorgeous color!


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