Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rose Wreath mini

How cute is this miniature Rose Wreath quilt?  I purchased the little cloth panel at a quilt show years ago, with the intention of hand quilting it.  It was going to be a little take-along project for the road.  I started the quilting, but then realized that I much prefer knitting or crocheting for on the go.  

The whole thing measures just 7 inches square.  Yesterday, I came across it and decided it might make a cute mug rug.  It didn't take long to pull out the small amount of hand quilting, and replace it with machine stitching.

The hardest part was actually putting on the binding.    Here's a pic next to my rotary cutter for comparison:

In the end, I decided it is too cute to ever get a coffee stain on it, so it won't be a mug rug after all.  Too bad I don't have a doll house.  
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  1. So cute! And another finished UFO.

  2. Too adorable! Was I with you when you bought it?? It looks familiar!


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