Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enough with the snow already

The first couple of snowed-in days this winter were sort of fun once the preparations were in place.  Groceries? Check.  Batteries and candles?  Check.  Gas for the snowblower?  Check.  Plenty of fabric and  projects?  Double check!  But the whole snow day/sew day thing is getting kind of old....

The good news is that I had plenty of indoor time to devote to getting caught up on my guild's mystery quilt.  I have the first 4 steps completed, and it's still anyone's guess how this mystery will turn out.

While going through my fabrics I came across another mystery...this assortment of ziploc bags:

This was the current standing of a quilt that I started in a class back in 2009.  I remembered what it was supposed to look like...a Card Trick quilt, set on point, in a Garden Maze setting.  However,  I did not find any pattern directions so it was a bit of a mystery to figure out where I had left off.

I sorted through the bags,  and found that I had completed enough units to make 12  Card Trick blocks:

I have all the rows sewn together now, and will make them into a donation quilt.  There are lots of strips leftover that were intended for the Garden Maze setting, but I can use them for sashings and inner borders on future quilts.  There was also a large enough piece of the ginko leaf fabric that I can use  for borders or a backing.

Today was Day 7 of Beth Helfter's Drop and Give Me Twenty challenge, and with help from lots of snowy days I have managed to keep up with sewing at least 20 minutes each day so far.

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  1. Snowed in for you. We can't seem to get any snow. 61 degrees today in February! I'm not looking forward to how hot the summer will be if this is winter. Love the fabrics in your mystery quilt. Always fun to find baggies full of fabric with a quilt already started but more fun to find blocks done enough for you to figure out what it is supposed to be. I am trying to cut up my fabrics so they are ready for a scrap quilt down the road. So far I have only made it through the reds and pinks. One color a day is my goal. My shoulders and back feel the pain now. Good luck on your projects.

  2. My twenty minutes a day has been all hand stitching but I've gotten a lot done. And I don't even have any snow. :) blessings, marlene

  3. As bad as this snow can be, I think we've found a silver lining! We have plenty of time to stay in and sew! Looks like you're getting another UFO done! Love that fabric!


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