Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knitter's Knightmare

Almost a year ago now, I was "persuaded" by my son to knit him a sweater.  It has turned into a monumental task.  There were many, many times where I had to rip out and start over.  There was one wrongly twisted cable that involved tearing out the entire top of the sweater, right down to the armhole shaping.  After a multitude of false starts and much frustration, I got the front, the back and one sleeve done. Alas, the sleeve would not fit into the armhole. 

At that point, I needed to just walk away from the sweater for a while.

Summer came.  I told my son it was too hot to knit.

Autumn rolled in.  I told my son "after the holidays".

Now here I am, with the one year mark approaching.
I need to get this thing finished so I can move on to knitting fun things again.  I spent a whole day trying to figure out how to re-knit the cap of the sleeve so that it will fit into the armhole.

There was much measuring:

There were calculations:

There may have even been some voodoo involved:

Unfortunately, (oh, you thought this post had a happy ending?)  I have not figured out just how to solve my sleeve problems, but  I'm still hoping to work it out.

In the meantime, I did create a cool new knitting tote to store my project in:

It's just your basic tote, with some roomy pockets on the inside,

and  an awesome  matching button for the closure:

I may not be the most savvy knitter, but at least I can look cool when I carry my albatross knitting project around.

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  1. It's so frustrating when something like this happens ,I have faith in you ,keep at the sweater I'm sure you will work it out .Love the colors in the tote

  2. Tote and button are really pretty. I'm sure you will work this out. At least you know there is probably someone else (wonder who) ripping out with you!

  3. I love your solution - make a pret bag to hide it in!


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