Monday, January 14, 2013

Dog Days

Here at  Procrastination Laboratories, we have been studying a new life form.  It came to us in an oblong vessel where it has been slowly maturing.

After many weeks of gestation, the furry creature appears to be  ready to hatch!

It opens it eyes!

We hold our breath as it slowly becomes aware of it's surroundings,

The creature takes a moment to observe it's brand new world.

Without warning,  it leaps from it's egg!

Relying only on instinct, it seeks out the nearest life form and demands:
Take me to your pack leader.

I know.  It's silly.  But every time I see him squish himself into that little bed, I think he looks like he is about to hatch.

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  1. Ha ha if that was my dog, she'd be saying "Take me to your refrigerator!"

  2. How cute ,she's so beautiful .

  3. That is really cute. And I don't find it too silly! I love that you saw the analogy and showed it!


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