Saturday, January 12, 2013

Orphans and Scraps Sewing

I sewed up the second block of Pam Buda's Orphan's and Scraps Sew along.  Pam is posting a new block every Friday for 5 weeks.  Here is the block for week number 2:

Pam has shared a great technique for creating this small block with many pieces.  It starts with four hourglass blocks:

Then you need four additional squares for each hourglass:

You sew a square to two opposite corners of the hourglass in a sew and flip fashion.

And then do the same for the opposite corners.

Isn't that a neat little trick?  Here are the first two blocks together.  I left the rotary cutter in the photo so that you could see just how small they are.

Update December 2014:
Hi! This post has been getting a lot of traffic lately.  I'm very pleased of course, but also very curious.  Could you kindly leave me a comment and tell my how you found me?

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  1. That is really a cool way to construct that block! I'm really loving these--I just may need to join in.

  2. What a cool method for making these little blocks. And they are adorable!

  3. What a neat trick! I never would have thought to do that! I've got some orphan hourglass blocks - I may just have to play with them!

  4. Hi, I found this in Internet last midnight.had to get up early this morning to start immediately to try it.! first piece is not so perfect but now I know how to do it better. I started with 2 x 3" squares, so it gets a really tiny little piece and I think only your way its possible to do it. Thanks a ot for your instructions!!

  5. Found you on pinterest, I love scrap quilts. I would have never thought of this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How did you do the little flying geese ones :)


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