Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too much excitement

This poor little guy broke one of his nails pretty badly during a rousing game of Fetch and had to go to the vet. They don't want him to keep licking at it, so it's "Toby the Spacedog" for the next week.

Toby absolutely hates it of course. He tried his best to pull it off, but eventually gave in. His spatial perception must be all off because he's just kind of playing statue for now.

Please tell me that your dog has been through this and everything will be all right.

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  1. We haven't had anything like that. But, we do now have a puppy that WILL NOT stand still to have her nails clipped, so if we don't get a handle on that, we're going to have worse problems. Don't know what happened to her before we got her that made her so adament, but she hasn't been hurt since we got her. BTW, you think Toby doesn't like it, we had a cat in one of those collars for a while. They REALLY don't like it. Lane

  2. Awww, poor Toby. I'm sure he'll be all right eventually.

  3. Poor Toby. Yes, Two of my dogs needed those at one time or another. They both had fairly long hair and would get hot spots. I finally bought one so I could save the expense of a trip to the Vet. The terrier was kind of a laid back guy so even though he didn't like it - and tried to get it off at first too - he put up with it. The retriever was funny. I hate to laugh at him, rest his soul, but he never never got used to it and I don't think he made it through one doorway on the first try. Retrievers are so cute they don't need brains HA!

  4. Try it on!!! everything echos, the edges catch on doors and stairs and they can't get their face in their water bowl. I've used those at various times for hot spots and boo-boos, but usually resort to bandaging the wound and taking off the collar. Hope he's better soon!

  5. Oh no! Sure hope he's on the mend soon and playing again! :)


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