Saturday, July 17, 2010

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet....

Nothing can keep this devoted dog from his tennis ball!

Thanks for the encouraging comments regarding Toby's injury.
After a rocky start, he has adjusted  pretty well to wearing the cone.  The little rascal has even managed to get access to the toenail that he is supposed to be keeping away from, but only just barely.  I don't know what else can be done, so we are just keeping our fingers crossed.

The pup has figured out eating, playing and the usual canine mischief while wearing the cone.  He's even pretty good about taking his antibiotics.  (Wrap up anything in a piece of bread and Toby will happily eat it.).   The only thing he cannot do while wearing it is fit into his crate.  Since the crate is his bed, it meant coming up with a new sleeping arrangement.  We ended up taking the cushion out of the crate, putting it into Toby's normal sleeping corner and blocking him in with furniture and a baby gate.  I hope he adjusts back to sleeping in the crate when this is all over with.

Normally, Toby is a happy camper when he's in his crate. 

This past weekend, when we were traveling, we took the crate with us for him to travel in, and also as a familiar place to sleep.  My parents-in-law, who had him as a houseguest while we stayed in a hotel,  said he was quite content all night. 

Only 5 more days until the cone comes off.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my furniture, the doorways and my shins will survive. 

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  1. Isn't it amazing how the young can flurish under adversity? Attitde is everything, as always.

  2. People think and dogs simply don't, that makes a world of difference hihi! Hope he will recover soon!! Yvette says hi to Toby!!

  3. Good for him adjusting so easily. That photo reminds me of when our dog wore his and his tennis ball would fall inside it and he couldn't get it *LOL*


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