Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer pleasures

ripe for picking
This weekend we took a road trip to visit my husband’s family.
My father-in-law has a large garden, and the raspberries were ripe for the picking.
rasberry bushes

There were so many raspberries that we had 3 baskets full in no time at all.
rasberry basket

My father-in-law also grows grapes, although they were not yet ripe.

He has a lovely perennial flower garden too.  When I saw these little beauties:
grandmother's garden flowers
I  couldn’t help but think of Grandmother’s Flower Garden:
grandmothers flower garden hexes
Now I’m off to check out the cookbooks for a good recipe for raspberry pie….


  1. Incredible...both the real ones and the hexagons!

  2. Those raspberry's look so good

  3. Raspberries are my favorite. Love them on my morning cereal. I guess I should check the farmer's market this weekend to see if they are in.

  4. Your father in law sure has a green thumb.

  5. Raspberries - yum! We have blackberries on my property, but I'd trade them for raspberries any day.


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