Sunday, October 25, 2009

25 cents

There was a quilter's yard sale at the quilt show I attended yesterday.  I purchased several magazines and a few patterns for 25 cents each, and 3 pieces of fabric, including a Hoffman print, for 50 cents each.  My favorite find, however, has to be this book:

It's an undated book of crocheted doilies, but judging from the cover model's Toni Tennille haircut, I'm guessing it's from the late 70's.   I know styles change, so I'll forgive the hair and the goofy harem pant jumpsuit, but there are a few photos in this book that I really have to ponder.

First, there is this 2 page spread:
Simply gorgeous doily in the foreground, but, what photo stylist thought that a rifle with ammo and the recently dead pheasant would ever, EVER be allowed to sit on top of it?

How about this one?

What would dear, departed Great Aunt Madge think, if she knew that little Suzy was not only sitting this close to her lovingly handmade tablecloth with open paints in her hand, but that she even has the container for the brushes and her other art supplies right on the table? 

Here is our cover girl again, on an inside page this time:
Didn't ANYBODY notice that there was a dog walking across the table in the background?  Model?  Photographer? Editor?  Anybody?

And then there was this head scratcher:
Nothing says "elegance" to me quite like a beautiful handmade doily, some fancy cookies served on a cut glass plate and....a pink VW Bug?  What? You don't have one?

I  already got my 25 cents worth from this crochet book, even if I never follow any of the patterns.
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  1. What a keen eye you have , there's some beautiful dollies I especially like the one in the second photo .

  2. I think I got 50 cents worth of chuckles out of it too so what a bargain you got for 25 cents

  3. Em, you had me rolling around dying laughing here. Only you would see all these things, but the handwork is adorable. And worth every bit of the 25 cents ;>)


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