Saturday, October 17, 2020

Making do with what you have on hand

As much as I love the Civil War reproduction fabrics, I really wanted to shift gears and work with some brighter, cheerful colors.  I remembered I had bought some fabric samples at my local quilt shop's SuperBowl Sunday sale:

These 3 sample cards were all from the same fabric line, and so they worked well together. The cards measure about 12 X 15", so  there was actually a lot of fabric on them.  Taking the one on the far right and spreading it out, there was all this:

Although not juvenile prints, I thought they would make a nice donation quilt for Quilts for Kids.  So, I played around with EQ software, and came up with this pattern for a quilt:

I needed to add just a few fabrics from my stash to have enough for a quilt top.  

The basic block is just one long rectangle and 2 squares, separated by white sashing.

The best part was playing with putting the fabrics up on the design board:

It looked a little chaotic at first glance, but when I added in the white sashing, it all worked out nicely.  Here is the completed top:

I might add an outer border, but it will have to wait until I can shop again at the fabric store, whenever that might be possible.

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