Sunday, July 14, 2019

Scrappy Strippy Pineapple

A few months ago, our guild had a silent auction of quilting gizmos and gadgets.  I was lucky enough to "win" a Pineapple Trim ruler for the tidy little sum of only $4.00. 
A very good deal since the ruler usually goes for about $25.00 at a quilt shop, and this one was even still in it's original shrink wrap! 

How can you take a bargain like that and improve that value even more?  Well, you use your $4.00 ruler to make a quilt using only scraps.  Luckily,  I had the perfect supply of those.

For years, whenever I have leftover scraps  that are long and narrow, I put them aside in their own drawer.

One day last week, I decided it was time to pull out the drawer and  see what was in there that I could use to make a Scrappy Pineapple quilt.  There were layers and layers to discover.  This was just under the top layer.

and this was what was stashed under that one:
And that wasn't even the bottom!

Eventually, I collected an impressive stack of "cool" tones of mostly blues and purples:

and also a collection of lights and whites:

I selected 9 colored strips from which I cut the center squares for the Pineapple blocks.

Then surrounded each square with the first round of lights:

I wasn't sure about mixing the bright whites with the off whites, but I decided to go for it.  After trimming with the Pineapple ruler, this is how they looked.

Then the real fun began, digging into that pile of cool toned blues and purples to find fabrics for the next round.  Nine blocks and nine trims later, and I had these:

Can't wait to see how this continues to develop! 

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  1. It will be no surprise to you that I love the colors.

    1. And no surprise that I had so many scraps in those colors! :-)


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