Thursday, February 14, 2019

A dozen different HST's

Here are the last 3 blocks in my quilt guild's Block of the Month.

These blocks make up the bottom row of the pattern, Jeni Baker's Half Square Triangle Sampler:

Now I need to choose a background.  I wanted to go with a colored fabric, rather than the white as shown in the pattern, and I thought I had found  the perfect green:

I put the first 9 blocks against the green background and lived with it for a while as I made the last 3 blocks.  I began to think that although the green was a perfect match, it was overpowering the blocks. These blocks are only 6 inches, so the background has a bigger impact.  I went back to the drawing board and found a lighter, less saturated green and tried again:

It's a subtle difference, but I think the second choice helps the blocks stand out a little more.   Here are the two fabrics side by side:

And here are the 12 finished blocks, with the darker green background under the top 6 and the lighter green background under the bottom 6:

This has been a lot of fun seeing how much variety can be achieved with just 16 Half Square Triangle blocks.

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  1. Your blocks look great with either green. This was a fun project for the guild.


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