Thursday, July 5, 2018

Child's Play

One way to beat the heat is to stay inside and sew.  I had yet one more panel that I wanted to turn into a small donation quilt.  It was this rainbow bright dinosaur print:

I also had a small amount of a coordinating dinosaur print:

I cut up the panel into smaller pieces, and fussy cut some of the dinosaurs from the coordinating fabric:

I pulled an array of bright colors from the stash, and added some fabric frames to the fussy cuts:

Now it was time for the real fun to begin.  I started with the top row and set it out next to my machine:

I played around with some randomly cut strips and got an idea of what I wanted the finished row to look like:

Then I just started joining adjacent pieces, and trimming off any excess as I went along.  Eventually, the top row looked like this:

I did the same thing to the next three rows:

All that was left was to sew the rows, square up the side edges and add some borders.  Here it how it ended up.
The edges are droopy because they extend beyond my little design board, 
but I assure you they are flat. 

I had such a fun time putting this together.  And all the while, I had steak tips slowly simmering in the crockpot and potato salad cooling in the refrigerator.  Not exactly your average Fourth of July, but I'll take it.

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  1. Another fun kid quilt! I love how you take apart the panel and then make the design all your own! Some child is going to love this!


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