Friday, June 29, 2018

One panel = Two quilts

Here is the panel I started with:

and here is what was left of it  after making the "Tutu Fairy" quilt described in my previous post:

I knew that there was another quilt hiding in there somewhere, and I still had a yard of fabric printed with small castles:

With castles being the main theme, I started with the six castle blocks in the panel:

I liked the narrow borders of red and pink on the top row, so instead of trimming them off to match the size of the castles in the bottom row, I decided to add narrow borders to the castles in the bottom row:

My red and pink fabrics were not perfect matches, but I think they did the trick:

Now that I had the castles figured out, I did the same border treatment to the last four panel motifs:

Then I turned my attention to the star strips:

They were not long enough to use as is, so I combined them into two longer strips, and added multiple narrow strips to widen them a little bit:

Now I had all the ingredients to sew up a small quilt:

The coordinating castle fabric made the perfect border.  Here is the before and after:

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dancing with the Tutu Fairy

 A while back I bought this cute panel called "Tutu Fairy".

It was intended to be made into a pocketed wallhanging, but I thought I would turn it into a Quilt for Kids donation.  I had also purchased some of the coordinating fabrics:

I started out by cutting out the six "tutu fairies" and giving them a uniform, pink border:

Then I chose 6 of the smaller motifs to cut out and border with one of the coordinating fabrics:

I set the blocks together on my design board to see how they looked:

Cute, but rather small, since the blocks were only 6.5 inches wide.  I decided to give each type of block another border.  The tutu fairies got a basic white:

and the other blocks got a teal green:

When I put them together, it looked like this:

Now it just needed a few borders.  I wanted to include the pink ballet slipper fabric from the coordinates, so that became the first  border.  Then a skinny dark pink border, and at last, a border of the tutu fabric.

Ta-Da!  A quick and easy quilt that I hope a little ballerina will love.  The turquoise castle fabric will be used with the castles in the panel to make a second quilt.

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