Monday, January 23, 2017

My first attempt at knitting with beads.

 I recently tried my hand at making this necklace which combines knitting with beads.

The pattern came from this book that I found in my local library.

The name of the book is 101 Designer One-skein Wonders by Judith Durant.  The necklace was designed by Carol Metzger and is called the Scallop-Edge Beaded Necklace.  There are only 8 rows to the pattern, and I had almost everything I needed already on hand, except for the beads.

The yarn was something leftover from my days of crocheting doilies, and the size #3 knitting needles were passed down to me from my mother-in-law.  (I'm guessing they were likely used to make baby items for my husband.)

The first step in the project, before starting to knit, is to string the beads onto the yarn.  This presented a problem since the yarn did not seem to  fit through the eye of the needle.
I've broken enough needle threaders in my time to know that no amount of pulling or tugging was going to be enough to drag that yarn through the hole.   I decided to try unravelling a bit of the yarn into 2 sections and thread them separately.

The first 2 plys made it through.  Then I threaded the second two.

Now that my needle was threaded, it was time to string all the beads.

For a knitted project using beads, you have to string all the beads for the whole project onto your yarn before you start any knitting.

You slide the beads up the yarn in between the knit stitches.

Just 8 rows later, I had a finished necklace!

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  1. Lovely! Your solution to threading your needle was pretty clever!

    1. Thanks, Dawn! One of the reasons I blog is to record stuff like that so I'll remember how I did it.

  2. I've always wanted to try using beads in my knitting. I have a few kits that have the beads included. One of these days!!!!!

    1. Stringing the beads took longer than making the necklace in this case.


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