Monday, August 31, 2015

Yes, it's true.

I am a Trekkie. 

I've seen all the Star Trek series and all the movies, many times each. I own the entire Voyager series on DVD.  It is something that both my husband and I enjoy watching, so when I saw this pattern for a Star Trek uniform shirt, I just had to make one.

 If you ever watched Star Trek The Next Generation, you'll recognize this as Captain Picard's shirt. The pattern is paper pieced and was a free download from fandominstitches at this link.  The whole thing measures just 10 inches square.

I added the details of a tiny red zig zag stitch for the piping on the collar, 
and 4 miniscule beads for the Captain's pips. What fun!

For the back, I used a long-hoarded piece of  Star Trek fabric that I just knew would come in handy someday.

As an added bonus, I used insulated batting so it can be used as a trivet for a hot plate.

There is only one possible way to end this post...Make It Sew!
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  1. Rebecca and I were admiring your work! This is so cool! She couldn't believe how tiny everything is! She loves it! I do too! Roger is very lucky to get this as a gift.

  2. That's amazing. I absolutely loved the original series when I was young & everybody laughed at me. I was mad about Spock. Enjoyed all the Star Treks but I have a great soft spot for Deep Space 9. Very Kinky!

  3. Absolutely amazing! I love the pun at the end


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