Friday, August 28, 2015

Reaching the summit

After a couple of weeks of creative playing I have finished the top of my Hillside Houses quilt.

As I was building toward the top row, the last decision to be made was which fabric to use for the sky.  All along, I had these candidates in mind:

The palest ones looked too washed out compared to the house fabrics.  The turquoise one on the right blended to closely with my church fabrics.  The blue fabric on the top was most likely to succeed, but only if I cut it small enough to keep the bird silhouettes from showing.

I had pretty much decided that I needed to purchase some sky fabric when I dug out this fabric that was hiding among the turquoise:

With all the colors in the houses, this multi colored sky fabric seemed to be the right direction.   I decided to go with it, and I'm glad I did.  It holds its own against the bright oranges and pinks in the rest of the quilt, but doesn't call too much attention to itself.

This has been such an enjoyable quilt to make.  Working my way up from the bottom was an unusual way to approach a quilt, but it made so much sense for this project.  I even love the way it looks at night:

There is a behind-the-scenes photo I just have to share.  
What started out at the beginning of this project looking like this:
now looks like this...
I call it "craftermath".  

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  1. It looks great. Love all the batiks.

  2. Beautiful finish! Those batiks you bought turned into this lovely quilt. Just gorgeous!!

  3. I love that sky. Looks like the Northern Lights!

  4. Love your Hillside Houses, Auntie Em! Perfect fabric choice for your sky. I've so enjoyed reading your posts as this gem of a quilt came together.


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