Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The joys of working from the stash

In my last post, I showed the red, white and blue fabrics that I had pulled from the stash to match up with a cute doggies-wearing-bandannas fabric.

In the end, I didn't use them in that quilt, but I thought they looked too good as a group to just put them away.  I also noticed that the leftover fabrics from my Fireworks quilt would make good company to the reds and blues I had already put in the pile.

So, what to do with all that red, white and blue goodness?  I have been wanting to make a Storytime Squares quilt, designed by Rae Hoekstra  who blogs over at Made by Rae.  The quilt calls for 48 squares of fabric, so I started cutting up fabrics into squares.

They looked so nice together, that I almost stopped right there and just sewed them up into a quilt top, but I went ahead with Plan "A" and made them into a Storytime Squares quilt instead.

I love it!  I especially like the addition of the sky blue fabrics to the traditional red, white and navy.  This quilt top will be on its way to our dedicated "Quilt for Kids" machine quilters to spread some patriotic cheer to a little one in the hospital.

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  1. This looks great. I like the setting. I have also been working with some charm squares that I had on hand, turning them into a top for Quilts for Kids. Unfortunately I have not made as much progress as you have.

  2. What a great scrapbuster! Yours turned out beautifully. I need to make a baby quilt and now, thanks to you, I've found the design I want to use.

  3. I love the Storytimes Square quilt! What a great pattern! Looks great!!


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