Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick and Cozy Shawl

I knitted up a shawl using simple garter stitch and letting the pretty blue variegated yarn do all the talking:

The chunky yarn was very soft,  and as it grew into a shawl it did double duty as  a nice cozy lap covering.

I find it ridiculously hard to get a nice photo of a long rectangular scarf, but there you have it.

It was only after the photo shoot, that I realized I had forgotten to trim the fringes neatly.  Anyhow, enough with the excuses, it came out quite nicely and will be donated as part of our Prayer Shawl Ministry.

On the topic of knitting, this Bunny Dog sweater pattern was featured on the Lion Brand website.  Think I have time to knit one up for Toby before Easter? :-)

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  1. The shawl looks so warm and comfy! I'm sure Toby would love a nice pink sweater! Haha!!

  2. I love, love, love prayer shawls. I have one a friend knitted for me and I treasure it. But when I was a chaplain at a local hospital I saw one that was a quilt. It was appliqued - a tulip because they used the three petals to represent the Trinity. Gorgeous! blessings, marlene


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