Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Spools!

I finished sewing the binding on my Mini Spools wallhanging:

Originally, I was only going to outline the spools with stitch-in-the-ditch quilting and leave it at that since this is such a small quilt.  (15 x 17")  After I did, I decided to try and make the spools stand out a little bit more  and so I added the diagonal quilting on the white background.

Here are the "tools" I used to do the diagonal stitches:
A roll of 1/4" marking tape, and my sewing machine's edge guide

Using a long ruler as a guide, I put a piece of tape every three inches.   I sewed right up against the tape to get the first quilting lines.

To fill in the quilting with more closely spaced stitches, I used the edge guide attachment on my sewing machine.  I adjusted it  to be 1 and 1/2 inches from the needle.

By following the previous stitching with the edge guide, I was able to make another straight line of quilting stitches without having to mark a line.  It did the trick for me.  (Seems that I will do anything to avoid learning to do freemotion quilting.)

This little gem of a project was so much fun, and will be hung by my sewing machine.    I'm going to try doing the Mini Swoon next.

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  1. So creative in marking the quilt! You wouldn't have to mark if you learned FMQ!! I like how it came out though. It looks really nice!

  2. What a cute little quilt. Painters tape (either the blue or green kind) also works great for marking straight lines. I have been using it for the background quilting of my tie quilts.

  3. Very cute, Auntie Em! Every sewing room should have one!


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