Friday, December 27, 2013

Dual purpose

Quilters are pretty clever at seeing the quilting possibilites in all kinds of items from non-quilty sources, like the hardware store, the stationary store or the grocer, but sometimes the reverse is true, and our quilt items become used for other purposes.  (But never, ever, ever our scissors!)

Anyhow, here is how my cutting table is supposed to look:

And here is how it looked on Christmas Eve:

Yes, many a gift was wrapped by many a family member at my cutting table.  :-)

Speaking of gifts, my husband gave me a very thoughtful one this year.  He went to three different quilt shops in the area, and bought me a gift card at each one.  Then he wrapped them up together and gifted me with my own little shop hop.  I'm so proud of him for even knowing what a shop hop is!  He's a keeper!


  1. does he have a umarried brother who is similarly trained? (form a queue girls!)

  2. Ha Ha! I love Kath's comment. What a sweetie your husband is, though. I agree that you should keep him. Merry Christmas!

  3. What a great gift! If you need company, let me know!!


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