Friday, November 15, 2013

Lost in Paradise

Is anyone watching "The Paradise" on PBS's Masterpiece Classic?

It's a period drama based on the book by Emile Zola about the people who work at "The Paradise", a large department store that threatens the small businessmen of London.   The heroine of the story is Denise Lovett who travels to London from a small village, hoping to find work with her dressmaker uncle.  Unfortunately her uncle is losing business and cannot afford to offer her a job.

Denise eventually resorts to finding employment in the Ladieswear department at The Paradise.  The series follows her journey as she learns to fit in at the store, and to deal with her fellow employees as she maps out her future.

The cast of characters includes:
  • John Moray, the handsome and charismatic owner of the Paradise, who is still mourning the death of his wife.
  • Katherine Glendenning, the rich society girl who is used to getting her own way and has her eyes set on John Moray.
  • Miss Audrey, the prim and proper spinster who has devoted her life to her work as head of the Ladieswear department.
  • Clara, a shopgirl who sees Denise as her biggest rival.
  • Jonas Frank, the mysterious and menacing head of security.
  • Dudley, Moray's assistant and the peacekeeper.

It took me a couple of episodes to really warm up to the story, perhaps because I thought it was going to be another "Mr. Selfridge", which never really grabbed my interest.  The beautiful settings and costumes were enough to keep me going, and I'm very glad I did.  There are only a couple of new episodes yet to air, but the first ones are available to watch at PBS online, and there is going to be a second season.

If nothing else, it's a very enjoyable show to watch while waiting for Season 4 of "Downton Abbey".


  1. I'm watching. And, loving it. I turn on an episode and sew and have plenty of opportunities to look up and see the fashions and fabrics and intrigues. Didn't you love Denise's turquouse dress? Enjoy! Lane

  2. I'm watching, too. I didn't watch Mr. Selfridge, and I did think this was going to be the same, but I really like it. It drives me nuts, though, that Katherine Glendenning always wears a narrow ribbon around her neck. Isn't she rich? Can't she afford a necklace, ha ha.

  3. I haven't even heard of this show! I should look into it. Sounds good!


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