Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Metro Rings

I finished the Metro Rings quilt top that I started in a class a couple of weeks ago.

The sample size called for 16 blocks, but after I put them together I had 8 nice precut arcs left over.  I cut 8 additional sets of background pieces and figured I would make 8 more blocks.

Then it dawned on me, that each block uses TWO arcs, not one.......  (Note to self:  don't make quilting decisions right before bed.)

So it was back to the Christmas fabrics to cut more strips and make a few more strip sets. Now I have a nice size to turn into a Christmas lap quilt.

Like any good quilter's pet, Toby had to get right in there and check out the new quilt top.

My friend Linda, who took the class with me,  finished her quilt top as well.  Hope she doesn't mind if I post it here to share.

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  1. So beautiful! I can relate to your making decisions before bed. That goes for when I'm tired! Yesterday I was putting together a simple charm quilt top and couldn't for the life of me get the numbers right in the rows and columns. :( blessings, marlene

  2. Love both quilts. I can't think straight when I am tired either.

  3. Both tops turned out beautiful!

  4. Beautiful quilt tops! I have the QCR and this pattern is on "my list." I love your Christmas version. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  5. I love the wedding ring pattern. When I saw yours, made from straight stips, I finally felt like it might be doable. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love that you added extra blocks to make it lap size. Be well. Lane

  6. that's lovely! very festive. I did laugh at Toby tho bless him x


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