Friday, March 1, 2013

"Finish It February" becomes "Make It March"

I created another block on my newest project, which I have dubbed "La Vie en Rose".

Each block measures 6 inches, and the center pieces are quite small.  I could never get them sewn with any accuracy if I didn't paper piece them.

I'm not usually a fan of paper piecing because it is a bit tedious to be honest.  You can't really do any chain piecing, and you have to stop to trim and press each seam as you go.  That being said,  I have a new ironing setup at my machine that has made things much easier.

This is the Dritz Petite Press mini iron.  I saw it mentioned on Bonnie Hunter's blog and was curious to try it. I have been disappointed in the past with small travel irons that just did not get hot enough, but this one really does. does seem a bit tipsy and I did burn myself at first when trying to use the little metal stand to rest it on.   So, I came up with a solution that works just great....

I took a tall coffee mug from my cupboard and used that to rest the iron on.  The built in stand makes a perfect clip to secure the iron to the rim of the mug.

AND, to keep the mug from tipping over, I filled it with spare change to weight it down.

It's a system that works perfectly for me now, and I haven't burned myself since.

On a completely separate subject, now that February is over, it's time to 'fess up on how I did with the "Drop and Give me Twenty"  pledge from  last month.  I did manage to complete one quilt, but it was not the quilt I had hoped to finish. And I did manage to finish the knitting on the sweater for my son.  Now I just have to sew it together and then hopefully never, ever make another man's sweater again!


  1. La Vie en Rose is looking great but yikes, what tiny pieces! Love your invention for holding your hot iron.

  2. La Vie en Rose is the perfect name! That is a clever solution for the iron. I haven't heard of it, I'm going to have to watch out for it.

  3. Love these blocks and I love the name you chose! So fitting! I'm glad you got a good iron. I'm going to have to remember this brand in case I decide to buy on too!

  4. Perfect name for such a sweet little block.


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