Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quietly creating

A few weeks ago, I came home with this set of  scraps from a Super Bowl sale, and I have been tossing around ideas of what to do with them ever since.

Something about the neutral tones with the touches of pink was just very calming, and serene.  It was just the feeling I was looking for in an otherwise hectic February.   I chose a square-in-a-square block variation and sewed up the first block:

Not much contrast, I know, but I wanted more of a whisper than a shout.

Being a complicated block, it seemed best to paper piece it.  I turned to my trusty Electric Quilt software, and created a pattern, dividing it up into five sections:

Then, knowing I wanted to make multiple blocks, I took the time to figure out the approximate size to cut each fabric piece for the least amount of waste.  This was important, because I was working with some small sized scraps.

Piecing followed along pretty well, but I often had to stop and check to be sure I was using the correct  triangles that I had intended  in the right  spot.  I decided that a cutting diagram would be a good idea to help keep track of the pieces.  I used a file folder, and made a true-to-scale drawing of each piece.
When preparing for the next block, I placed my cut pieces on the diagram to keep track of where they belonged in the block.

Sewing  was a lot easier now that I had a way to keep things organized.  Here are the two blocks that I have done so far:

and here are the fabrics I have chosen for the next few blocks.

Now that I have the cutting diagram for reference, I can cut pieces for more than one block at a time, and know that I can keep them organized as I progress with the sewing.

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  1. These pretty blocks make me think of fondant icing and sugared almonds :-)

  2. Love the soft pinks! Love your organizing for the blocks. You'll be making them up even faster now!

  3. These are beautiful blocks, Auntie Em! Lovely color palette!


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