Friday, February 15, 2013

Orphans and Scraps find a home

Remember these cute little blocks?

These are the blocks I made  from following along with Pam Buda on her "Orphans and Scraps"  sew-along.  In week five, Pam showed us how she set her blocks into a  miniature table topper that you can see here.

Pam encouraged us to come up with our own setting if we liked.  I was concerned that such a cute little table runner like hers might get lost around here, so I decided to make mine bigger.

I surrounded each of the blocks with Flying Geese units to turn them into stars.

Then I set them together with lots of two inch squares, and ended up with this:

It's a very busy pattern, but I love how the stars draw you in to look closer at the centers and you see the miniature blocks.

Once it is quilted, this one will be going on my coffee table. I think it will provide a nice bit of eye candy to accompany any coffee.
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  1. Nice! What a creative setting! I still have just one block done. I need to get on the ball for the others.

  2. Lovely idea...and a very creative setting!
    Know you'll love your new creation!

  3. Oh, I love what you did with those! I'm still working on mine. I'm doing my own thing too, but I'm keeping it simple -- just sashing with cornerstones.

  4. Such a great idea. You are right....your eye is drawn in to check out the centers.


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