Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brrr! It's Old in here!

Things have been very slow around here craftwise.  I was having shoulder pain off and on for a while and this week it became a full blown problem.  I could no longer ignore it, so I went to see the doctor.

She did a quick exam and then told me the diagnosis.  As her lips formed the words, I was hoping she was not going to begin with "As we reach a certain age...".  (Oh, how I hate it when doctor's use those words!) 

Anyhow, she pursed her lips and began with "You have brrr..."

My mind was racing to think of what she might say.  "Brrrown hair"?  "Brrrilliant ideas"?  "Brrright eyes"?  But no, what followed was "You have bursitis."  There.  It was a complete sentence.

"How do you get bursitis"? I asked.

"It's an inflammation often caused by repetitive motion, like pitching a ball, lifting something over your head, even knitting."

Oh, man!  This just keeps getting better and better.  NOT!

Treatment prescribed was rest, heat, anti-inflammatories and then physical therapy.

I've been going a little stir crazy without being able to do any crafting.  Ironing, rotary cutting, even machine sewing involve shoulders.  And let's not even talk about knitting.  The knitting mistake I made still sits there, taunting me.  Even pulling it all out would be considered repetitive motion.

So for now, it seems reading about quilting is the best I can do to satisfy that creative urge.  Of course, shopping for fabric might also work.

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  1. I think mine is from doing dishes- lol

  2. Oh, my, I hope that gets better soon. I know there are lots of anti-inflammatories that can be taken as supplements too---things like grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, extra vitamin C, etc. Hope you heal quickly!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bursitis, Auntie Em!
    Hope you'll feel better soon.

  4. Shopping sounds good. Just go to a friendly shop where someone will pull bolts off the shelf for you, or take a helper.

  5. Sorry to read you have bursitis, hope it gets better soon.


  6. Hope it goes away soon!! You better be good for the mystery trip!

  7. May bbbrrrright future? That age thing hits all of us but I don't think of myself as old....just my body! Good luck with the physical therapy. I've been going for a couple of months trying to make my back and leg feel normal again. I think discomfort might be the normal for me now.


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