Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Go Granny!

Perhaps you have seen the multitude of Granny square quilt blocks that are popping up all over the place.   It seems to have started with a blog post by Jolene Klassen at Blue Elephant Stitches.  It's a very simple, yet appealing block that is reminiscent of the crocheted granny square afghans that were so popular at one time.

Krista at My Bugs  suggested a Granny Square quilt along and the Granny craze was launched.  I have been seeing lots of marvelous granny squares posted in the flickr group that Krista created for the quilt along, and I finally decided to make one too.

I wanted to dig into a stash of red and white fabrics that I had collected, so I began cutting lots of 2" squares:

After a little sorting and swapping, I came up with my first 2 Granny square blocks:

As I work on these, I've been mulling over what name to give the quilt.  There was one quilter in the flickr group that used all fruit and vegetable fabrics for her granny squares and she called it "Granny goes to Market".  I've been thinking maybe "Granny paints the town Red", but I've also considered "Making Granny Blush", "Granny sees Red", and even "Redneck Granny".  I'm open to suggestions if you have one.

Speaking of red, I wanted to share with you my red loaf pan that I just love.

It is longer and narrower than the average 9 X 5 loaf pan, and as a result whatever I have baked in it comes out evenly cooked.

Take a look at this banana bread I made this past Sunday:

See what I mean?  Evenly cooked from one end to the other! 

The pan came from Ikea and was not expensive.  I have never actually been to an Ikea store, but my daughter sent me this picture of a quilt studio that she saw when she was there:

I guess I really need to go to Ikea sometime and see for myself. 

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful idea. I had been sewing some squares together as leader-enders but could not find a plan for them that wasn't blah. Now there's a granny quilt in my future.

  2. Your blocks look great! I think I crocheted a granny quilt years ago when I was in high school. I like the fabric grannies better!!

  3. Granny Sees Red? Beautiful block whatever you call it! blessings, marlene


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