Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

I didn't get as much done on my hexagon flowers this week as I had hoped, but I thought I'd show you my latest finish.

Hopefully, the purple and the green flowers-in-progress will be finished flowers by next Wednesday. 

Last month, Lori Holt at  Bee in my Bonnet  posted a two part tutorial on how she makes her hexagons.    I thought it was interesting the way she uses a paper clip to hold the fabric to the hex template while she bastes.
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  1. What a sweet addition to the garden!
    I truly enjoy your cheery colours,
    They make me smile...

  2. Oohh, such lovely colours you used! Sweet hexies..


  3. Love the hexies. Very sweet:)

  4. It is a lovely flower. Are the fabrics you use reproduction fabrics?

  5. So cute! I think I have that pink fabric and I do like the paper clip idea.

  6. Hi from a fellow gardener!! What a lovely flowers you are making!!! As from today I am following your blog so not to miss anything hihi! have a nice weekend, happy sewing, Daniëlle


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