Friday, May 14, 2010

Hexagon Garden Party

Over a year ago, I started a Grandmother's Flower Garden table runner, made up of English paper pieced hexagons.  I blogged about it here and here.   At some point, the project got put aside for other things, mostly because I did most of my stitching in front of the TV at night, and suddenly I found myself with a sleeping puppy in my lap  instead of a needle and thread in my hands.

I have wanted to get back to the project and have found the perfect motivation....One Flower Wednesdays. Karen at Journey of a Quilter came up with the idea of  a weekly goal to make at least one hexagon flower per week, and to post your progress on Wednesdays.   She's calling it a Garden Party and has invited anyone working on a hexagon project to join in.  You can find a link to her post about the project in my sidebar if you'd like to join the party.

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  1. Hi Em, So glad to see you are motivated to finish this project. I had grand plans of making a flower garden quilt from scratch but it sadly has been put aside also. I might follow your link, I think a week-by-week goal is a great idea and one that I could follow! Much love, Sam xox

  2. perfect, i have a top from my sister that I can work on, surely I can do one block a week- its not flower garden but I plan to do it by hand so does that count a little? cw

  3. Such pretty blocks. Sounds like a great project.

  4. Hmmm. That sounds like a motivation and I have a hex quilt in progress. But not flowers. I wonder if it would fit in? Lane

  5. Lovely to see your flower garder Em. Hope to catch up again on another Wednesday :)

  6. Oh, I understand being distracted my sleeping puppies!
    :) Your flowers are gorgeous! Happy little girls!
    And a big welcome to the garden Party!
    greetings from Cyprus,

  7. Oh dear, I missed this post. I believe I stopped by the day before. They are excellent!

  8. Such HAPPY flowers! I'm so glad you joined the garden party so that I can meet you and find your lovely blog! XO :)

  9. Thank you for visiting & your lovely comment, nice to meet you :)
    Really pretty flowers Em, are you still planning on using them for your table runner?


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