Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Needle cozy

What can you do with a bit of fabric, a snippet of ribbon and a couple of expired gift cards?
needle keep 1
Well, the lovely and talented Karen of Sew Many Ways came up with a great idea.  She designed a nifty needle keeper, and she generously shares her instructions here.  Her directions are easy to follow and it’s a quick and easy project.  Here is what the needle keeper looks like when closed:
needle keep 2
And this is what it looks like when opened:
needle keep 3 
When my mother gave me her sewing machine, she also passed down all of the sewing notions that were stored in the drawers of the sewing cabinet.  I realized that even if she doesn’t sew on the machine any more, she still needs a few sewing items in case she needs to sew on a button or make a small repair.   I decided to take the vintage sewing box that she also gave me and re-fit it with some new sewing items. Then I’m going to give it back to my Mom for Mother’s Day. 
a new sewing box
I found a tin with a vintage dressmaker print on it to hold her pins. Was that good Karma or what?
I think Mom will get a kick out it.

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  1. I'm sure your Mom will love the gift. Those needle holders look like they'd be pretty easy to do.


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