Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Blues (and the Yellows)

One of my favorite color combinations is blue and yellow.  I went to a quilt store recently to make a specific purchase for sashings and borders for a quilt that is not blue and not yellow and yet this pack of 10 inch blue and yellow squares managed to get purchased as well.

blue yellow squares

I don’t have a plan for them right now, but they followed me home like a stray puppy follows a little boy.

A favorite project that I did once with blue and yellow was this String quilt:
Borders at last

If you’ve never made a string quilt, consider trying one.  They are quick and easy (some might even call them “mindless”) to create.  They are great for using up long “strings” of fabrics and the sky is the limit. In my blue and yellow quilt pictured above, I just made sure that the center string was blue.

Pictured below is another string quilt I made using every color of scrap I had and just arranging them by Lights and Darks.
Finished string quilt

There are many websites with detailed instructions for going about making a string quilt.  Here is one by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  Here is another.  And here is a third one.

String quilts make great group quilts because the blocks are trimmed to size after they are made. Many individuals can contribute blocks and they all fit together nicely into one quilt.

There is a wonderful group of quilters on the Internet who  make  Heartstring quilts and donate them to charities.   They have a donation system designed so that quilters can donate blocks, tops or fabrics for backings.  There is a photo gallery filled with inspiration, and a yahoo group for discussion and help.

Think “String”!


  1. I had to smile i thought the blue and yellow string quilt looked familiar I made one with the same colors . I love the yellow and blue combination .

  2. love your string quilts!! They are so pretty....I love blues and yellows too.. :)

  3. I am loving your string quilts. I am seriously considering a string quilt for the Block party I am in and I want to do one myself too. I think it is the perfect way to use up some older fabric and perhaps some you have that you don't really care for anymore.

  4. Beautiful quilts and I have so much yellow and blue that I could easily make quite a few string quilts too!

  5. Your quilts are stunning. I like blue and yellow too, it's so happy. I'm not surprised they jumped in among your other purchases.

  6. I love string quilts, and have made two so far. Yours are lovely!

  7. Thanks for the idea. Now I have a plan for all my left-overs from my hand pieced hexagon star in blue and yellow!


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