Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking back....

The old photos that I came across at my parents house have really got me interested in documenting the family tree.  All of a sudden, I'm am totally addicted to genealogy!.  I joined a popular online site where you can search the census and other vital statistic records and I have been slowly putting together the pieces of family history like a great big puzzle.

Here are a couple more photos from my family's photo stash. 

This is my dad at about age 12, singing in a local talent showcase.

And this is my dad again, at his First Communion, alongside his little sister.

We also found my Mom's First Communion photo. 

Both of my parent's kept scrapbooks through their childhood years, and I can't wait until we have time to sit and look at them together.  Right now it's mostly boxing things up and getting ready to move.

Wonder if he's dreaming about Puppy Love

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  1. Great photos, isn't it fun to find them? Like a treasure hunt. Have you found anyone yet on the Census? The feeling of finding someone, especially the first one, is beyong description. I don't know much about doing US genealogy cause I'm in Canada and so was my family but it seems there's a lot more available for the US. Also if you search the message boards. especially the surname ones, you might find some cousins who have info to add to what you find. If you're on Ancestry then start a family tree on there and it will give you hints to everything it has on there that matches what you put down including other people's trees.

  2. Those are some pretty neat old photos. Toby looks like he is ready for Valentine's day with those colors in that picture.


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