Monday, January 18, 2010

Pretty as a picture

Still no quilting going on in my neck of the woods, but I do have a few more old photos to share. 

A while back, I wrote this post, describing my grandmother.  Here are a few photos of her that we found while packing up my parents house as they prepare for their move.

This is an undated photo of my grandmother and her sister.  We're guessing it was about 1912 when this was taken.   Their style of dress would have fit into the movie "Titanic", don't you think?

The date on this photo says "1918", which would make my grandmother a young lady of 20 years old.

This is a photo of my grandmother's sister with her 2 friends.  I love the  hats and the round eyeglasses.  Ready for a day at the beach, ladies?

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  1. What wonderful treasures you have in those old photos. I do love the one at the beach!


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