Sunday, November 15, 2009

Progress report.

Thank you so much for the nice comments that were left on my last post about the quilt I'm making with handkerchief fabrics.  I've really been enjoying pairing up the fabrics for each block to bring out the colors in the hankies.  I've got 6 blocks finished, and the fabrics cut and chosen for the last 3.  Here's a peek at what I've got so far:

The only hard part about using the handkerchief print fabric, is that not all the hankies were printed symmetrically, which means that not all the corners are exactly the same, so I'm fudging it a bit.  The real test will come when I put the blocks all together.

I'm not at all sure how I want to put these together in terms of sashing color, and what the border fabric should be.  I'm still sorting that out, but it's a fun "problem" to have.  ;-)

I wanted to add a few comments about my grandfather, since he is also in the picture in yesterday's post.  He was very reserved and a man of few words.  He was content to sit back and let my grandmother be the lively one. He was never late for anything.  He would rather arrive early and wait in the car than be late.

He had a lots of thick hair on his head that never thinned as he aged, although eventually it became pure white.  He worked for years in a paper cutting factory, which is where he met my grandmother.  We were never at a loss for scrap paper in my house because Grandpa had always been able to bring home bundles of it that were leftover from paper cutting projects.   He never cooked a day in his life, until my grandmother became ill in her later years and then he learned to cook while she sat in the kitchen chair and coached him along. 

When I was old enough to learn to ride a two wheeled bike, Grandpa took the best parts from  3 bikes that had belonged to my mother and aunts and turned them into a "new" bike for me.   I wish I could say I knew him very well, but he wasn't much of a talker.  He was just always there, providing a solid base for the rest of the family to branch out from.

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  1. Beautiful memories Em. Your grandfather sounds a lot like my dad. He never spoke much but the kindness in his actions spoke volumes.

  2. Oh, those turned out so cute! I think red polka dots would look cute for sashing. Your grandfather sounds a lot like mine. I didn't really know him very well as a child, and as I started to get to know my grandparents as an adult is when they both passed away. You are lucky to have had that time with them. Karen

  3. Em those are so pretty, what great memories. I didn't know my grandfather but that sounds a lot like my Daddy. he always laughed at me because i talked all the time and he said he never could get a word in anywhere *LOL* We all have such memories

  4. What a great way to remember your grandfather. Love your blocks! They're coming out so well. Lane

  5. Your quilt blocks are coming along nicely and I think they are going to make a really nice quilt. Sounds like your grandfather was the strong and silent type.


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