Friday, November 13, 2009

Grandmother's Hankies

My mother's mother was born in 1898. That's her in the picture,  sitting on the hay bale looking rather cross.   It's seems unusual to see her looking cranky.  I remember her as always having a smile on her face.  Perhaps the big hat that her sister was wearing was poking her in the face, or her button-hook shoes were too tight.

Grandma married rather late for a woman of her era, and she also broke with traditon by marrying a younger man.  She gave birth to  my mother,  and then 6 years later, had twin girls, not knowing she was carrying twins until the day they were born.

My grandmother always dressed up, complete with stockings, heels and jewelry, (and gloves if she was going into the city).  She often came by our house to babysit if  my mom  needed to run an errand, and she would don an apron over her dress and do all the ironing while Mom was out.  She might stay long enough to  have some lunch, but then she would head back home to watch her "stories" on TV. 

 Every Christmas, she gave my sister and I a new pair of patent leather shoes and we loved getting them.  She was kind and generous, and paid for a year of ballet lessons for me when I was little.  She was always so interested in everything her grandchildren did, and would attend any school play or recital and applaud heartily.  She was caring and approachable, but she liked to sign her greeting cards with "Grandmere", even though we called her "Grandma".

One of the things I'll always remember about my grandmother is that she always had a pretty handkerchief in her purse. She would spray a little perfume on it so that it was both pretty to look at and pretty to smell.

Whenever I see a beautiful ladies hankie, I think of my grandmother, and I wish that I had some of those hankies to keep.
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  1. OHHHH! I Just love the old pics and the hankies you found. I just love what you did with them. You are lucky to have great memories! Please share with us the finished product! Steph

  2. What a sweet story I enjoyed reading about your Grandmother I don't really remember mine but I do have photo's of her holding me .I've been collecting old hankies for a while ,just not sure of what to do with they .

  3. I love this story.

    Hankies used to be so popular when I was young before the paper stuff came along. Hygienic but not so pretty. We always got a box of pretty ones for Christmas. Still have the last box my Mam bought me before she died.

    I love your hankie quilt idea.

  4. What a lovey story about your grandmere. I am glad that you are making a memento of her with the hankie fabric. What nice fabric you chose to go with it. The two blocks are fantastic.

  5. My Grandmother had drawers of hankies. Soon after she passed, my Mom had one framed, folded in a very ladylike triangle, with a pair of her glasses laid over it for my sister. It was beautiful. Glad you've found a use for your panels that will give you a great memory every time you see it. The book is called "A Girl Named Disaster". It's a pre-teen book, but I am certainly enjoying hearing about her adventure as she travels across Africa to find her father. Lane

  6. Those are gorgeous! What a beautiful story of your grandmother

  7. The blocks look so pretty and I love hearing the story about your grandmother. She would be proud of you!!

  8. Wonderful story and beautiful blocks!! That will make up so pretty!

  9. A wonderful story about your Grandmother. I never knew my Grandmothers they had both passed away prior to my birth. I did have a Great Aunt that filled the void. She was very prim and proper. Every Christmas she would make a hanky into a small umbrella that would be included in my gift. I would take it apart and have a new hanky. I have been collecting hankies for awhile. Your blocks look like a great idea I might just steal it. Patricia

  10. What a great story. I only knew one of my grandmothers, and she too always had on a dress and nylons. I don't think I ever saw her in pants. I didn't get any hankies from her, but I go several dresser/table topper doilies. I cut up 2 of them for my anniversary quilt. I've been looking at hankies at antique stores ever since I saw a hankie quilt. I love those colors in the fabrics you chose. Karen


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