Friday, October 30, 2009

It's pumpkin time...

Here's a seasonal cross stitch scene I did quite a few years ago that suits the Fall season.

There's a pumpkin sale going on under the gazebo:

The houses with their straight sides were fun to do, but I still remember that  those trees with all the branches and scattered leaves were a bear to do. 

My favorite part was the church, complete with the pastor greeting someone out front.  I added a little stained glass window.

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  1. All I have to say is wow. WOW.

  2. How fantastic! So amazing, girl. I didn't know you did cross-stitch as well. This was a lot of work but was worth the effort, it's just beautiful.

  3. That is really nice. Lots of work, I see what you mean by the leaves and the trees. Yikes.

  4. Oh, how cute. I can't imagine how much work went into that. Beautiful. Karen

  5. What a beautiful cross stitch , such detail you did a wonderful job with it .

  6. Whenever I see scenes like this, I wish I could transport myself right into the picture, or cross stitch, as the case may be. Wonderful job! There is so much to look at!


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