Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello, my name is...

I am still in the middle of machine quilting and have nothing yet to show, so I thought I'd share a little story of something else that happened this week.

First, some background.  When I was born, my parents had not yet picked out a girl's name.  While in the hospital, my mom was reading a LOOK magazine and came across an article with a picture of a little girl that she thought was cute, and she liked her name.  She suggested the name to my dad and he liked it too, so they decided that would be my name also.  My mom cut out the article and pasted it into my baby's book. Of course it's quite yellowed by now, but you can still read it.

Last week, I came across the baby book and the clipping, and I decided to see if I could find the little girl who inspired my name.  A quick search on Facebook came up with just one person with that name.  I took a chance and sent her a message asking if she was the little girl from the magazine and it turned out that she was!
She told me that her uncle was a photographer for LOOK, and that he occasionally used her photo and that of her siblings for stories in the magazine.  Of course, she was quite surprised to hear my story, but she was glad I had contacted her.  After all these years, I was finally able to tell her that she was the inspiration for my name. 

I told her that I couldn't wait to tell my mom, and she said she couldn't wait to tell her mom too. I've often thought how it was kind of weird that there was someone out there who I was named after, and she didn't  know it.  Now she does.  It kind of feels like a mystery has been solved.

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  1. What a nice story. It was a great idea you had about contacting her! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the quilting also.

  2. That is a great story. Don't you just love the internet and all we can do with it? That was a good idea you had to try Facebook. Karen

  3. That is so neat. I am so glad you found her.

  4. Her name was Auntie? That's a great story. I'd never have thought of trying that. Glad it worked! Lane

  5. last year I wrote a post about 'my name' and have found a lot of gals that share a similar story:
    a couple of weeks ago I was contracted by the 'original' and we are sure to be good friends. It is neat that you found your source. be good cw

  6. What a remarkable story and that you were actually able to find the woman is fascinating. I imagine that you made her day.

  7. Great story! My name was a hospital room construct, too. I am an identical twin, but my mom didn't know that she would be having twins. She had a name picked out for my sister, Ericka, after Ericka Huggins, an activist that my mother knew and respected. When they told her after Ericka was born that there was another kid coming, she had to quickly come up with a name that went with Ericka. I think she chose well - I like Erin.

  8. Such a wonderful story. I am finding such gems as I read through your older posts!


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