Thursday, July 9, 2009

Actual quilt related content:

A certain puppy who has recently joined our family has required most of my attention, and I’m betting that if I did bring out a quilting project, he would feel compelled to grab the nearest fabric piece and run off with it like treasure.  I’ve seen the kind of mass destruction Toby can do to a piece of fabric, and if you have any doubts, I can show you the remains of an old T-shirt that he has “played” with.

However, what I’d like to show you instead, is a selection of black, white and red fabrics that I am planning on making into a tote bag. 

red white and black As you can see, it will be mostly black and white with just a little red thrown in for fun.  For some reason, I recently added one more red fabric to this collection:

red paws

I’m not sure when I will actually get around to cutting and sewing fabric.  For now, I’ve been getting my quilting fix by reading quilt magazines borrowed from the library, although I have been known to borrow a few issues of “Dog Fancy” as well. 

Toby and I spend a lot of “quality time” penned up in my kitchen.  He sometimes allows me to read a few magazine pages between playing Fetch, giving belly rubs and taking trips to “Go outside”.

I’m not sure who is training whom?


  1. The puppy dog print fabric is cute. Puppies do need attention at first but he will settle down soon and then you will quilt till your heart is content.

  2. Sounds like fun, but a lot of time. My poor puppy doesn't get nearly the attention yours does, and I feel for him. My husband calls him my stalker, but that is just because he wants attention (and treats). Enjoy him. I look forward to seeing the bag.

  3. fabric is wonderful! dibs on your scraps, wonder why you picked the puppy prints? lol enjoy- cw

  4. I like your fabrics. I have very few black & white fabrics in my stash, but these look like a nice variety. It should make a pretty tote bag.

  5. I know you are busy sewing and busy with that cute pup, but we sure miss you. Hope you are feeling okay, take care.


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