Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time for a change

I've been keeping a blog for almost a year now on another site, but decided it was time to move over to Blogger. I wish I had a family background of quilters, but I'm the first in my family as far as I know. My first experience with quilting was in a Community Education course about 15 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I started out doing everything by machine, but I have come to enjoy handwork as well, including hand piecing and hand applique. My current project is a Grandmother's Flower Garden table runner that I'm making using the English Paper Piecing technique. I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics for the flowers. Here's a look at a few of the flowers I've made so far:
It's been really fun to fussy cut the fabrics for the hexagons and see how they turn out. Here are a few of my favorites: This is the fabric that started the fussycut frenzy. It wasn't until after I cut out and basted 6 rabbits, that I realized they were facing two different directions. I solved that problem by sewing them in pairs facing each other, and I think I like it even better that way. These little maids were supposed to represent Mary and her little lamb, but only Mary and her shepherd's crook would fit on the hexagon.

There's nothing like a circus dog performing tricks in a funny hat to bring a smile to your face.
These sweet little hearts just begged to be fussy cut.
I'm still learning my way around blogger, but hope to feel right at home here soon. If anyone from the myquiltblog community finds their way here, please be sure to say "hello".

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  1. I've only done this kind of patchwork quilting. I made a lovely little pin cushion from two of these hexagons for my first project about thirty years ago and I still have it. Sadly I gave up after a few years before I really got into quilting. Other stuff came along and took over.

    I suppose you can carry these about with you on trips, holidays etc. I'm hoping I can get back into it again soon so I'm looking on with admiration at your lovely hexagons and getting lots of inspration from you. Many thanks.


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