Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hexagon fever

I have found that making hexagons is like eating potato chips in that you can't stop at just one. I have completed 16 hexagon flowers now, and have several more basted hexagons ready to sew.
My eye doctor gave me this neat, modern eyeglass case:
It folds up into a triangle shape when closed: I found it much more functional as a hexie holder:
The photo above shows ten sets of basted hexagons ready to be sewn into flowers.
I have a long list of items on my to-do list, but I keep coming back to making these.


  1. I love it! Great way to repurpose that eyeglasses case!

  2. This gave me a chuckle .... the things we do with containers. I like what you have been doing with fussy cutting your hexies .... very nice!

  3. I like it! Will they give you some more?

    Maybe you could make a colourful one in patchwork.


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