Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The "no blue" blues

A few years back I made a Star Log Cabin quilt for my own bed. I had decided on Autumn colors because we had picked a golden color to paint the walls. I used a Quilt in a Day pattern by Eleanor Burns, although as we all know, it takes more than a day to make a quilt, especially a queen sized one.
As I pulled out fabrics from my stash, it occurred to me that I had found usable fabrics from color groups that I hadn't expected, such as purple and green. I didn't think of those as Autumn colors at the time. When I look at this quilt now, I realize that I used quite a range of colors. Here is just a sampling:
I find it surprising that I ended up using every color of the rainbow, except for Blue. I had no idea that I could create a quilt with such an Autumn feel by just following one rule: No Blue!


  1. Your right! It really does have that Autumn feel to it. When I first looked at the pictures, I didn't even notice you had purple in it! It is a beautiful quilt. I am making a log cabin quilt at the moment, but it is Red, Blue, and Cream. Sam xox

  2. I have that book and have wanted to make one for a long time. I like your color choices, no blue would be hard for me.
    Your feed problem is fixed.

  3. You did see the post on my blog, no I could not leave her a message either nor do I know how to contact her. Hopefully, she will see my post and fix her "comments" section. Thanks for the tip on the Log Cabin Star because I do want to make one soon.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    You did a super job!

  5. Just Lovely! Thanks for sharing!


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