Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fabric Sale or Fabric Fail?

I bought this cute Woodland panel for 50 cents at a Super Bowl sale at my local quilt shop:

I thought it would make a cute Quilts for Kids donation quilt.  When I looked through my stash for some coordinates, it seemed that everything I had was just a little too bright, and made the panel look dull in comparison.

So, this weekend, I went to a local fabric blowout sale that advertised fabric at $4.00 a yard.  I picked out some fabrics to go with the panel, but with a 1 yard minimum purchase, I ended up spending $20.00 for five yards.

Now granted, that's a great price for fabric, and I will most definitely have some leftover to add back into the stash.  But, does it really make sense to spend $20 for fabric to go with a 50 cent panel?

Toby is still mulling this over.

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  1. It should come out cute! I think it's worth it. Toby thinks so too!!

  2. I would do the same! That panel is really cute, you will enjoy making the quilt, and the finished quilt will make some child happy. Definitely worth it!

  3. I'm laughing over here - that's how things usually work out for me, too! But truly, $20.50 is not bad for all the fabric needed for a quilt top. And it will be so cute!


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